Welcome to Lang Park Judo Club!

Training Times: Monday, Wednesday.
Juniors: 6:00 - 7:00, Seniors: 7:00 - 9:00

Look no further for a Judo Club in Brisbane! Our Judo Club is located right on the edge of Brisbane City itself. Easy to get to and from. Have a look around our site, then drop in for some training… Visitors are always welcome. Classes are run to cater to all abilities. Beginners are encouraged to learn in an inclusive atmosphere.

 Judo – A Brief Explanation

Judo is not only a sport, it’s a Martial Art that can be used for recreational or social activity, fun and fitness or as a practical form of self-defence.

Judo was first founded by Dr Jigaro Kano in 1882. He took what he considered to be the best techniques from the ancient art of Jujutsu, refined them and developed new techniques. As a result, Judo has evolved into the modern martial art and sport practised worldwide by millions today.

Judo is famous for its spectacular Throws but also involves Grappling and Hold-down techniques. Senior players also use techniques of Arm Locks and Strangles.

Judo literally means “gentle way” and teaches the efficient use of balance, leverage and movement, rather than brute strength to overcome an opponent. Judo teaches you to use an opponent’s force against them rather than to meet them head-on, thus giving a smaller person the ability to overcome a bigger, more powerful person.

An aspect often overlooked as a benefit of Judo training is the technique of Break Falling, and these have many practical applications for sports or activities other than Judo.